Prep for paint

Prep For Paint

Dyer Paint and Handyman Services,  are for home owners that need flooring installation, ceiling fan install, paint or dry wall repair, popcorn removal, bathroom or room remodeling and exterior repairs, and don’t have the time, equipment or know how to do it. I specializes in preparation. The paint or repair is only as good as the prep. I often repair your house, where others have installed improper materials.

In this video, I am putting the front of a house that has had press board installed, instead of hardy plank. During the prep for paint, the board fell out from the sanding and chipping of the old paint. The boards where left with large deviates in the boards that had to be repaired.  Wood putty was all that needed to be used. I let it dry for a day and then sanded it smooth.  It primed and painted up nicely. There were 3 walls on this house that needed this process to it. The Back, Front and side of the house.

After the paint, the boards looked beautiful.